How to use the Secrets of Social Selling for Solopreneurs and SMEs?

sales May 20, 2019

Those who don’t have marketing departments and sales enablement teams supporting these proven techniques coming from the corporate world? And who are not yet active on LinkedIn daily?

My first Social Selling evening event at Academy Xi in Sydney on 20 May 2019 added face to face engagements with useful feedback to my weekly blog series #socialsellingmonday.

And what an amazing turnout seeing many experts and known book authors in the audience!

We covered these points in engaging networking peer exercises:

  • Relying just on word of mouth or referrals ignores the recent changes in buying behaviour

  • Keeping knowledge is not power anymore, rather a differentiator in negative terms

  • Creating perceived value in the eyes of the target audience with consistency is key

  • Packaging the very you into your visible personal brand is required to stand out

The journey towards Social Selling in seven steps starts with escaping missing out covering establishing relationship and educating with convincing content towards executing a winning routine.

Thanks to my team members Tanya Jackman, Paul Bacanu and Siddharth Chopra for your help!

Looking forward to the next event and upcoming webinars on this topic.


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