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Leaders of Influence


This book from Samantha Jansen Publishing covers various angles and insights to leadership from individuals who lead and inspire teams and individuals daily. The authors Diego Londono, Renee Giarrusso, Mihir Thaker, Con Nichols, Jim Penman and Gunnar Habitz are driven to impact society, make a mark and leave a legacy.

Lead Not Manage

My contribution describes a fictional journey from an individual contributor in the customer success team at a Sydney based software company who just moved up to become an accidental manager. I strongly believe those promoted future leaders can add a lot of value out of their fields of expertise before embarking further as an intentional leader. I added real events and occasions such as a Masterclass event of the Institute of Managers and Leaders and the new Chartered Manager designation into the story.

The paperback and PDF version are available in my online shop (shipping within Australia included).



The Kindle version is also available from the Amazon stores in the respective currencies in Australia, United Kingdom and Germany.

Six Australian Leaders Share Their Secrets

Leadership is all about taking ownership, communicating effectively and holding the space to inspire and support others. This book isn’t meant to highlight the writers, it’s rather to give you valuable insights on different perspectives on leadership and how these authors impact both individuals and teams, nationally and internationally. Leaders multitask various projects, take risks and understand the importance of focusing on a team and the value they bring rather than being driven by a monetary value. They are courageous individuals, willing to take responsibility for hardship and success. Leadership isn’t a solo journey, they operate as a team in a group environment for a great impact with purpose!


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