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Hi there,

Welcome to Sydney! My name is Gunnar Habitz.

I am passionate about the transformation of modern workplaces to embrace new ways of collaboration. I am convinced that cloud-based tools, mobility and Artificial Intelligence enable these trends.

Therefore, I consult and guide my audience in as a trusted advisor along the change journey, to prepare them for a connected tomorrow.

The Australian ICT industry is unique: it is an ideal test market for innovative technologies and services. This is one of the reasons I moved to Sydney in 2016 to apply my European industry experience to the clouds above Australia.

Like the Sydney Harbour Bridge covers two important parts of the city, I combine the technical with the business side. As international sales manager across European countries, I learnt to adopt quickly to different cultures. Now it is great for me to apply that learning on the diversity in the Australian market place.

Since I attended my Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management at AIM, I help the next generation as a seasoned mentor at the Institute of Managers and Leaders where I recently obtained my Chartered Manager accreditation.

Being curious on the future of developments, I am blogging about leadership, strategic networking, sales excellence and marketing automation on my professional website and curate my network with thought leadership around those areas.

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