How to turn LinkedIn conversations into most valuable clients

... using Social Selling strategies dedicated for small businesses

(without hiring a copywriter, getting lost in a sea of pitching messages and feeling overwhelmed with irrelevant connection requests)

If you’re an entrepreneur or small business professional looking to generate more income while creating new leads for your business, then you probably know that you need to be active on LinkedIn.

But hang on, you’re already there for years!

Only your profile looks the same all that time. You don’t see the right people contacting you and don’t know how to find them.

Did you know that just 1% of active users post regular content? Those Social Sellers create successful business on LinkedIn.

Let me guide you to become one of them!

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This course offers all you need to grow on LinkedIn:

Sharing & Learning

From my Social Selling meetup events to teaching online: All I know about LinkedIn covered in a learning journey over 7 modules

Video & Activities

You learn in 24 short lessons up to 10 minutes each and apply the new knowledge directly in practical tasks (2.5h video in total)

Workbook & Worksheets

The course workbook includes all summaries and tasks, supported by useful worksheets like the Tribe Template or the Social Selling Success Tracker

Course Content

Here are the topics we cover with a lot of practical LinkedIn advice inside: 

  1. Escape missing out and get started: First we are setting the scene to prepare adding a proven strategy for winning more business.
  2. Elaborate suitable target audiences: We need to clearly identify our target market where the prospects hang out and what their key issues are.
  3. Establish sustainable connections: People like to work with people who they know, like and trust. Let's find them and build that level of trust.
  4. Educate with convincing content: Curated from other sources or created by yourself, it is all about sharing knowledge instead of keeping it.
  5. Engage regularly with your audience: This step is about finding the right balance between the current silence and posting too much.
  6. Evolve discussions towards mutual benefit: Here we take the exchange with your network to the next level to solve their problems.
  7. Execute a winning routine: Move the acquired knowledge into a daily rhythm to bring results for your personal brand and your business.

This Course is Created For...

entrepreneurs and professionals in small and mid-sized organisations who don't perform regular LinkedIn activities to advance conversations towards closed business.

Benefits After Attending

Elevated personal brand, addressing a clearly defined target group, connect with the right audience, run regular content activities, sell your services by helping others who find you.

It is Not for Those Who...

expect leads to come in automatically, don't want to add creativity and are not ready to put in the work needed to become a Social Seller. It also does not cover LinkedIn for job search.

Who am I to Teach You This?

G'day, my name is Gunnar. I am working at a software vendor for emergency management solutions in Sydney, Australia. I am using Social Selling principles in my corporate life day in day out already for many years to build relationships with partner organisations. 

My mission is to help entrepreneurs and small to mid-sized businesses unlocking their sales potential. As a social media mentor, I focus on their personal brand on LinkedIn, teach about strategic networking and Social Selling for their growth strategies. Here in Sydney I run my own meetup groups with regular events.

How to get started - and which version is right for me?

This is what you get when you enrol (in AUD)

Course Only


pay once

  • Online Course with full workbook and several worksheets/templates
  • Dedicated Facebook group
  • All to become a true connecter
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Learn With Me


pay once (or 3x $177)

  • Same as "Course Only" version
  • + Two 45 min 1:1 Zoom/Skype calls
  • + LinkedIn profile reviewed by me
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pay once (or 7x $147)

  • Same as "Learn With Me" version
  • + Total 7h mentoring for your success
  • + ShieldApp monitoring tool licence for 3 months
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Bonus included in all versions of the course:

My new E-Book "Social Selling for Small Businesses" (104 pages) worth $49

Frequently Asked Questions

There are so many ways to transform your professional social media activities into a crystal-clear focus of work dedicated to successful lead generation. This course helps you to get started with your personal brand, teaches you how to find and connect with the right contacts and how to nurture them with useful and relevant content. The dedicated lesson about time management proofs that just 30 or max. 45 min per day are enough to turn into an incoming stream of potential clients. I will even tell you where to find that time by a clever shift of your prospecting efforts.

To be honest with you, the majority of entrepreneurs and small business professionals are not copywriters or bloggers. The course provides you with good examples how to get started, where to find material, how to find your voice before getting into writing own material. I show you concepts how to produce a LinkedIn blog quickly which will attract more than 1000 views and many engagements. Once you learn how to produce valuable content, you know better how to engage with your marketing department.

See it from the other side: if somebody refers you, the prospective client wants to check not just your website to compare your offered services but also wants to learn about you as a person - before reaching out to you. That means you still get referrals but you don’t see those who decided not to contact you due to a missing personal brand visible on LinkedIn. In these changing times buyers reach out much later to pre-selected suppliers.

Most LinkedIn related books or courses focus either on the career side or cover the selling side for corporate sales professionals. This course is dedicated to entrepreneurs and small business professionals, even those who work in their business only part-time while being fully employed outside of their LinkedIn interests. This course captures the best Social Selling strategies adapted to this segment out of my experience day in day out.

Indeed you don’t receive a single dollar from views and likes. I will teach you other metrics to look after for successful Social Selling efforts. The most important element is getting into conversations online and turning them offline at the right moment into calls or meetings - when the real selling process starts. Like any marketing funnel, we need to focus on the right audience, increase the discussions with them and focus on quantity of quality. I will also teach you the offline-online-offline formula how to nurture people you met to warm up their interest.

That is a fair question, not everyone can handle do-it-yourself with consist activities. For this situation I suggest the “Learn with me” version which includes two dedicated 45min calls which we can dedicate to your concrete situation. If we schedule the second call after you went through some of the modules, I can guide you towards the right track and can also go thought your completed tasks. For even more hand holding, the “Mentoring” version includes even seven hours of 1:1 Support with bespoke services to your success, ideally to cover all seven modules in detail.

I suggest you get started and work through the first modules and lessons to see how the content will help you. If you still believe it is not your cup of tea (within 30 days), I will refund your investment back. Then you only need to find another program or help for your case, maybe I can even come up with concrete ideas and contacts.

First of all, you get immediate access to the course with its workbook and worksheets. You will also receive the E-Book “Social Selling for Small Businesses” which is a bonus for the course at this stage. If you booked the “Learn with me” or “Mentoring” versions, we will schedule our first call soon. Looking forward to seeing you inside!

"Your course looks excellent Gunnar, I have no doubt that many people will transform their social selling with all your experience and expertise."

Heidi Dening
Global Speaker & Best-Selling Author

"f there is anyone who can teach LinkedIn maximisation it is you, Gunnar. Best of luck with your new program. I am sure it will be a great success!"

Duncan Fish
Executive Coach

"Great suggestions and all things I need to implement to make sure I'm getting the most out of Social Selling. Can't wait to adopt personal branding."

Jason Knight
Filmmaker & Visual Storytelling Expert

Still undecided?

You’re ready to turn constant conversations into new business applying the strategies you learn in “Social Selling Starting Now” if…

  • You’re just getting started being active on LinkedIn - and want to ensure you absolutely nail it right from the beginning leaving your former passive approach behind you.
  • You already have a pretty good idea who your target audience is - but you are struggling to find them in real life. You are looking for a way how to search relevant members for your tribe who can become not just clients, but raving fans who refer you further.
  • You want to turn your LinkedIn profile from an online resume style into a true personal brand online - but need guidance and help for the heavy lifting to avoid trial and error.
  • You are watching your competitors growing their networks and position themselves as thought leaders - and decided to stop missing out and get started yourself.
  • You started to post your own material as you understand content leads to conversations - and look for ways to create or curate more relevant stuff that excites your network and leads to getting incoming leads.
  • You’re committed to dedicate 30 min per day to Social Selling activities as long it will bring results - but you are missing a proven strategy with consistency in mind so far and want to avoid wasting time.
  • You feel confident to start this implementation course - as you have 30 days for a free trial and know you could simply send us a quick message which reduces your risk to get started now.

Did you catch yourself nodding your head at least once if not more often?

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Social Selling Starting Now

My new online course covers the journey from creating a personal brand, finding and engaging with others online before taking the conversation offline into a relationship towards successful business.

The course will launch in the first half of November 2019. Please register here below to be informed as soon as possible.