Social Selling in Practice

LearnĀ how you can achieve thatĀ in the book "Connect & Act - Systematic Social Selling",Ā a practicalĀ guide to using LinkedIn for your profile, pleasure and profit.


Did you know that you can easily stand out in your targeted market with a systematic Social Selling approach?

Less than 2% of LinkedIn users are active in posting content and engaging with their audience. There is a huge potential for you to stop missing out, position yourself and advance to the next level.

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Do you want to win on LinkedIn?

Learn proven principles and practical tips in this brand new book.

Social Selling is a clever approach of adding social media and digital tools to enhance business conversations.

This book helps professionals in small businesses and those who want to turn missing out into a mission to succeed on social.

It covers 42 topics on the journey from passive profile to active attraction on two pages each to apply the learning directly into tangible action.

Dedicated landing pages per topic with QR code for easy access provide further reading and keep the book up to date.

In just four weeks you will…

  • Get your personal brand to the next level
  • Attract your ideal target audience
  • Comment insightful to gain more followers
  • Turn content creation into conversations
  • Convert those to advance your agenda

The book covers four chapters which you can complete on a weekly base.

Each chapter covers ten topics on a double page covering your purpose or why, research with AI, LinkedIn as search engine, creating engaging carousels and win clients using a cadence.

Four practical tips per double page enable you to connect & act with ease and to become a master in Social Selling!



Systematic Social Selling

This book is a collaboration with highly regarded professionals sharing their wisdom. Every chapter features an interview with a seasoned expert plus four tips from a range of global practitioners.

Quoting my former coach Raul Kumar, CEO of Resonate (Sydney). "Throughout the years, Gunnar and I have engaged in innumerable dialogues, exchanged a multitude of concepts, and revelled in a plethora of victories. It is this synergistic spirit that has not only augmented our friendship but also further moulded our comprehension of the intricate realm of Social and Digital Selling."

"Together, Gunnar and I ascertained that combining the conventional with the disruptive, the tried and tested with the innovative, and the in-person approach with digital is the future of B2B sales."

The Four Steps of Social Selling


your profile into a magnetic snapshot of our digital reputation.

Interview with Roger Christie, CEO of Propel and podcast host of "Your Digital Reputation" (Sydney).


with the right target audience to build a network of raving fans.

Interview with Wendy Lloyd Curley, founder of Strategic Networking and author of "Stop Wasting Your Time Networking" (Sydney).


mastery from commenting and curating to creating own material.

Interview with Scott Rogerson, CEO of UpContent (Pittsburgh PA, USA).


the engagement to advance your business agenda (and theirs, too).

Interview with Mark McInnes, Sales Trainer, author of "Tactical Pipeline Growth" and podcast host of "Best of Sales Skills" (Sydney).

This book is for you if...

  • You are seeking new customers, partners or alliances
  • You want to engage with existing clients
  • You want to build a magnetic personal brand
  • You want to learn commenting with insights
  • You want to master creating engaging content
  • You want to get practical tips to put into action
  • You want social to work for you instead of wasting time
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G'day, I'm Gunnar

Quick intro: My mission is to help smart professionals to connect and engage with their networks online and offline.

For many people, meeting strangers is far outside their comfort zone. When I moved to Australia, I didn't know anyone. Building a strong network quickly, I'm sure you can do that as well.

Speaking at podcasts and events about Social Selling, content creation and writing business books, I am looking forward to connecting with you!

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"I'm very impressed with your efforts and continued focus in this space. You have become a genuine authority on Social Selling now!"

Graham Hawkins, SalesTribe

"I was very excited and eager to pick his brain and steal some of his tips and tricks. This instantly took my Social Selling to the next level."

Heather Cook, Seismic

"Gunnar helped us revamping our own Social Selling training curriculum and sharing his tips and tricks with several of our internal teams."

Brad Wochomurka, Hootsuite

Festive Book Launch in Sydney

Seven years after coming to Sydney, I launched the book in the exact same week in the historic Castlereagh Boutique Hotel on my birthday, 4 May 2023


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