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G'day, I'm Gunnar

My mission is to help smart professionals to connect and engage with their networks online and offline.

For many people, meeting strangers is far outside their comfort zone. When I moved to Australia, I didn't know anyone. Building a strong network quickly, I'm sure you can do that as well.

Speaking at podcasts and events about Social Selling, content creation and writing business books, I am looking forward to connecting with you!

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My book helps professionals in small businesses and those who want to turn missing out into a mission to succeed on social.

It covers 42 topics on the journey from passive profile to active attraction on two pages each to apply the learning directly into tangible action.

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Graham Hawkins

"I'm very impressed with your efforts and continued focus in this space. You have become a genuine authority on Social Selling now!"

Graham Hawkins
CEO, SalesTribe

Heather Cook

"I was very excited and eager to pick his brain and steal some of his tips and tricks. This instantly took my Social Selling to the next level."

Heather Cook
MD APAC, Seismic

Brad Wochomurka

"Gunnar helped us revamping our own Social Selling training curriculum and sharing his tips and tricks with several of our internal teams."

Brad Wochomurka
VP Global Partnerships, Hootsuite


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