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From personal branding to social selling: I help smart professionals to connect with prospective clients using LinkedIn & Co. in a sustainable way beyond relying on word of mouth referrals

G'day, I'm Gunnar!

My mission is to help small business professionals to connect and engage with their networks online and offline beyond just relying on referrals. For many people, meeting strangers is far outside their comfort zone. When I came to Australia, I didn't know anybody. Building a strong network quickly, I'm sure you can do that as well.

Breakthrough journey from networking to lead generation

People work with people they know, like and trust.

Let me add: "... and who educate, entertain and inspire them."

Social Selling is the term to find and engage with prospects and influencers online before taking the conversation offline by phone or meeting.

That requires a well thought personal brand and an active LinkedIn profile.

I can help you with mentoring and my done-for-you services.

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From Blog to Book

I write regularly about leadership, networking and sales excellence topics on this website, on Medium and other blogs such as the Institute of Managers and Leaders in Australia.

Being a published author myself, I read a lot of books from other writers. The blog section includes my regular book reviews including reflecting interviews with the authors.

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