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From personal branding to social selling: I am on a mission to help smart professionals to connect and engage with prospective clients using LinkedIn & Co. beyond just relying on word of mouth referrals.

My new Online Course is live!

How to leverage LinkedIn to advance business conversations and increase your revenue? How to turn your personal brand into closed business? And how to use the platform with measurable return in 2020?

My new course includes 7 modules, 26 lessons with 2h 35 min videos, a large workbook, a couple of worksheets and a mentoring option to ensure accountability.

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My weekly blog series on LinkedIn captures several topics around Social Selling every Monday morning.

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From Blog to Book

I write regularly about networking, sales and leadership topics on this website, on Medium and other blogs such as the Institute of Managers and Leaders in Australia. The blog section includes also regular book reviews including reflecting interviews with the authors.

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