Listen Innovate Grow (Michael Haynes & Garreth Chandler)

book review 05 Mar 2020

How to start a new business and grow it further towards sustainable success? There a plenty of resources available online and offline for small and medium-sized enterprises and startups, but it is not easy to find a comprehensive companion with practical relevance. The Australia-based authors Michael Haynes and Garreth Chandler joined forces for their oeuvre “Listen Innovate Grow” to create this guidebook full of untapped opportunities on the journey for companies in these modern categories.

Michael Haynes consults on the B2B side for more than two decades in various countries including Australia, Brazil and Canada, declaring both Toronto and Sydney as his home. While creating successful growth strategies for customer-centric organisations, he also collected practical experience in accompanying companies on that journey in various industries. His writing partner Garreth Chandler contributed with his first-hand experience of creating successful companies himself as well...

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Win Sales Now (Daniel Tolson)

book review 04 Feb 2020

“Win Sales Now” is a practical sales book with 21 simple steps to win more sales faster and easier than most readers ever thought possible. A bold promise for such a short book of just 106 pages. You won’t find the book in the stores, instead he hands them out in his seminars or at networking events for free. You can also order it online on his website as a lead magnet.

Daniel Tolson is one of Australia’s well-known sales coaches who grew up with the art of selling from his family business and later studied from Brian Tracy, one of the world’s most recognised sales gurus. As a former Australian Champion wakeboarder, he knows how to beat the competition and later helped thousands of business professionals as consultant in several countries. Beyond training companies and individuals in the sales profession, he is also a master in emotional and social intelligence as well as the psychology of success. Despite those credentials and delivering many learning...

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Future Proof Sales Strategy (Steven Norman)

book review 21 Jan 2020

Within the huge range of sales book written in recent years, “Future Proof Sales Strategy” from Australian author Steven Norman takes a special place as it well describes how to tackle selling in the age of the informed buyer with their expectation on customer experience. In addition to those changes in B2B sales, it provides a useful framework for sales leaders to transform their sales team towards future proof capabilities to win with sustainability in mind.

Steven Norman has been working in various sales leadership roles from agile startup companies to general management roles in the corporate IT world across Asia Pacific. Applying his experience and ongoing learning especially to sales leaders, he created his own consultancy Growth Acumen implementing future proof sales strategies. He is also a member of Sales Mastermind Australasia, a group of highly regarded thought leaders in the world of sales and leadership. This book is the best way to understand his coaching...

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Gamebreaker (Beat Welte & Jean-Paul Thommen)

book review 07 Jan 2020

The new book “Gamebreaker” from Beat Welte and Jean-Paul Thommen with illustrations from Achim Schmidt provides disruptive thoughts and practical advice for everyone, not just those in IT. Gamebreaker are those who use a radical shift in their mindset to deliver a substantial contribution towards a break-through compared to the status quo approach. Somebody not just following the recognised trends but setting the direction. This self-help book shows what’s in it for all of us in the tough digital age — to disrupt or be disrupted. It is a matter of choice after necessary reflection. Providing this reflective element with useful examples from all walks of life is the core task of this book.

The writing team consists of a seasoned IT expert on with an economy Professor on the other side who both published books and articles over the last decades. Beat Welte spent most of his time at two global IT vendors after leading a computer magazine in Switzerland. Starting...

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Curiosity at the Heart of Emotional Intelligence

leadership management 15 Sep 2019

Understanding our own emotions is a critical aspect of leadership. Empathy enables the experience from within the other person’s position. One driving factor of Emotional Intelligence is curiosity.

Following the terms IQ and EQ, author and Pulitzer Prize winner Thomas L. Friedman promoted the term “Curiosity Quotient” (CQ) without providing principles of measurements. In his view, curiosity and passion are even more important than intelligence (CQ + PQ > IQ). An often-quoted example is Steve Jobs learning calligraphy which later helped him to design the Macintosh by adding his passion to apply the acquired knowledge.

While curiosity is often meant to learn things in this ever-changing world, it can also be a driver to develop Emotional Intelligence. In my own leadership journey, I have been promoted from an individual contributor role to become an accidental manager in a set of 29 countries in Central & Eastern Europe. It was also the transition from...

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How do you get out of your comfort zone?

networking 03 Aug 2019

Four years ago, I arrived in Sydney for the first time as a tourist - the idea of moving down under was born and became reality just nine months later.

In this podcast episode "Think Bigger, Grow and Success" from Adrienne McLean, I talked about that journey based on four areas:

1. What are the pro’s and con’s of staying in your comfort zone?

2. What are my recommendations for thinking bigger about my goals and aspirations?

3. What happens when one goes out of their comfort zone and test new approaches?

4. What is the best way to approach achieving your goals?

At the beginning of this episode, I explained about my current role in the IT channel at software vendor Noggin helping consultants and partners to manage the disruptions of their clients, smarter.

We covered a range of topics including my published books (most of them still in German), my passion for strategic networking and social selling.

Initially this podcast was leading to the Professional Services...

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The Free Spirit of Your Life Purpose (Jacqueline Hofste)

book review 24 May 2019

Jacqueline‘s first book offers an unexpected self-discovery along the identification of archetypes for the reader’s own reflection in their environment. It allows unlocking hidden potentials, understanding the deeper meaning of life and managing conflicts with others. This fundamental work expands into several use cases far beyond the typical self-help genre.

Combining her 15+ years in corporate leadership positions with her passion for academic research, Jacqueline is on a mission to coach her clients following a meaningful purpose by tapping into their intuitive mind and human psyche. Adopting archetypal personality profiling principles, she unlocks the driving forces behind the human behaviour and brings her tribe into into the driver seats of their lives.

“The Free Spirit of your Life Purpose” starts with an introduction into archetypes as modern avatars, a term known well in the marketing world. The following chapters combine the odyssey of life with...

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How to use the Secrets of Social Selling for Solopreneurs and SMEs?

sales 20 May 2019

Those who don’t have marketing departments and sales enablement teams supporting these proven techniques coming from the corporate world? And who are not yet active on LinkedIn daily?

My first Social Selling evening event at Academy Xi in Sydney on 20 May 2019 added face to face engagements with useful feedback to my weekly blog series #socialsellingmonday.

And what an amazing turnout seeing many experts and known book authors in the audience!

We covered these points in engaging networking peer exercises:

  • Relying just on word of mouth or referrals ignores the recent changes in buying behaviour

  • Keeping knowledge is not power anymore, rather a differentiator in negative terms

  • Creating perceived value in the eyes of the target audience with consistency is key

  • Packaging the very you into your visible personal brand is required to stand out

The journey towards Social Selling in seven steps starts with escaping missing out covering establishing relationship and...

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Quiet Confidence (Joel Annesley)

book review 26 Mar 2019

The highly recommended self-help book “Quiet Confidence” of Australian author Joel Annesley presents a remarkable journey how a shy young man growing up with indecisiveness in a world of too many unknown elements became a confident life coach supporting other introverts. Transforming out of his own shyness, he realised that he doesn’t need to feed the inner perfectionist anymore. His book spans from feeling like a misfit towards gratitude for enabling his true strengths.

Joel found himself born with extreme shyness and thought that was him. Being too shy to speak up in school to make friends or to overthink everything, it took him ages to realise that shyness was separate from him with its own identity. He went through a long journey within to find his proper place and purpose. After his transformation, he is still able to reflect on all stages which enables him to help other introverts break up with shyness and discover their quiet confidence. Famous is his...

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The Ultimate Guide to B2B Prospecting (Richard Forrest)

book review 03 Feb 2019

Within the huge variety of sales books, Richard Forrest focuses in his “Ultimate Guide to B2B Sales Prospecting” on the hidden market of those customers who are not in a buying mood yet and thus not captured by the vast majority of online marketing campaigns. He suggests a person to person (P2P) approach to build rapport with those potential clients early and to begin the buying journey early with them.

From a forensic scientist to a sales coach and creating a prospecting agency: Richard found his sweet spot when he was offered to work in a sales role. Developing his approach with his team over more than ten years and millions of phone calls, he summarised his experience in this book to showcase a way to achieve remarkable results when applying a consistent prospecting strategy.

In the first chapters, Richard analyses the typical markets using the analogy of an iceberg which also sports on the cover of the book. He believes that most companies focus only on 20% of their...

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