How do you get out of your comfort zone?

networking 03 Aug 2019

Four years ago, I arrived in Sydney for the first time as a tourist - the idea of moving down under was born and became reality just nine months later.

In this podcast episode "Think Bigger, Grow and Success" from Adrienne McLean, I talked about that journey based on four areas:

1. What are the pro’s and con’s of staying in your comfort zone?

2. What are my recommendations for thinking bigger about my goals and aspirations?

3. What happens when one goes out of their comfort zone and test new approaches?

4. What is the best way to approach achieving your goals?

At the beginning of this episode, I explained about my current role in the IT channel at software vendor Noggin helping consultants and partners to manage the disruptions of their clients, smarter.

We covered a range of topics including my published books (most of them still in German), my passion for strategic networking and social selling.

Initially this podcast was leading to the Professional Services...

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Feeling Disconnected in a New Location?

networking 22 May 2018

Can you imagine how it feels not knowing anyone after moving to a new place? Even when being surrounded by people at a new workplace, it can hurt and provide a feeling of being alienated.

What sounds exciting for a business trip or vacations, can be a scary experience at least in the beginning. There is no safety net if anything goes wrong, no advice from friends or neighbours, and you can feel totally lost and alone. In addition, things can worsen when language or culture are different from your home and a weekend trip to the loved ones is out of reach.

Mobility and travel opportunities enable your dream of moving to another location. Relocations can happen between two jobs, when a company sends their own employees as expats to another country or when planning a new life with the hope of better conditions. For many of us who dream, a move to another state within the same country or onto another continent may become a nightmare of social isolation.

The experience in a new place...

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How to Build a Network in a New Location When you Don’t Know Anyone

networking 10 Feb 2018

Mobility and travel opportunities create a realistic dream of moving into another location. For some it means another state within the same country, others plan their new life on another continent. These movements can be independent of work between two jobs, or the company sends their own employee as an expat into another geography.

In these situations, building a local network requires creating a strategic networking plan well in advance. To a lesser extent this is also important for those working in international positions with regular business trips to show interest in a local experience.

There is a major difference between improving an existing network and finding net new contacts. Staying at the same place is all about fine tuning towards building relevant relationships. Quoting Mark Frauenfelder: “To be successful you have to have quantity of quality”. In the case of a new environment, the search should be executed more broadly to learn from others about life in...

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