How to use the Secrets of Social Selling for Solopreneurs and SMEs?

sales 20 May 2019

Those who don’t have marketing departments and sales enablement teams supporting these proven techniques coming from the corporate world? And who are not yet active on LinkedIn daily?

My first Social Selling evening event at Academy Xi in Sydney on 20 May 2019 added face to face engagements with useful feedback to my weekly blog series #socialsellingmonday.

And what an amazing turnout seeing many experts and known book authors in the audience!

We covered these points in engaging networking peer exercises:

  • Relying just on word of mouth or referrals ignores the recent changes in buying behaviour

  • Keeping knowledge is not power anymore, rather a differentiator in negative terms

  • Creating perceived value in the eyes of the target audience with consistency is key

  • Packaging the very you into your visible personal brand is required to stand out

The journey towards Social Selling in seven steps starts with escaping missing out covering establishing relationship and...

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Leading Sales and Marketing from the Middle

leadership sales 23 Nov 2018

Amid a fundamental change for the sales profession we enter the age of the well-informed buyer. So, how can sales and marketing navigate across their buying journeys instead of sticking to old sales cycles? How can you operate effectively in the sandwich between top management and your teams while delivering KPIs and developing people?

Leading from the middle in sales and marketing

The typical dilemma of a sales and marketing leader is leading from the middle. Delivering KPIs for top leadership, coaching and mentoring teams toward achieving those KPIs, and serving customers by escalation support. All of this while fighting the internal, often political battles that could knock the balance of company culture. If the requested KPIs are purely based on revenue, more sustainable elements are coming short. Leading from the middle is often a reality of many losses with few wins.

Although many companies continue to operate their sales and marketing structure as they have at the start of...

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The Brand is Personal Again

personal branding sales 17 Sep 2018

Gone are the days when only corporations developed a brand and their representatives just used those nice slogans, shiny brochures and glossy business cards. Today all customer facing employees need to show their personal connection with the value they provide as an individual and as part of the organisation. A unique personal branding is a must to disrupt the information overflow in the age of the well-informed buyer.

How to differentiate a company brand from a personal brand? According to the Entrepreneur Small Business Encyclopedia, a company brand “creates a symbol that personifies and distinguishes a company's offerings”. That covers advertising via multi-channel marketing up to customer service. The brand needs to resonate with decision makers at potential clients. Beyond pure transactional order taking, people still do business with people in companies, not with the company. Therefore, business professionals must be visible and perceived as faces of the company.


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How To Improve Your Personal Branding To Embark Into Social Selling

personal branding sales 21 Aug 2018

Small Biz Matters – a half hour program each week where you can work ON your business rather than IN it. With Alexi Boyd from Boyd Office Management Services

Personal Branding and Social Selling are two buzzwords at the moment which are somehow connected. A unique company brand is needed to differentiate the offering and communicate with potential customers, but creating a proper personal brand is also important in a small business. Social Selling comes from the enterprise world with their large sales departments. How does that apply to small businesses?

Let’s ask an active networker and LinkedIn expert who is using social media and digital tools to sell services to small and medium customers in Australia. Gunnar Habitz is a regular to Triple H being featured already talking about his cloud services.

Welcome to the show again, Gunnar.

1. How to differentiate a company brand from a personal brand?

  • People still do business with people in companies, not with the...
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Does Social Selling Work for Small Businesses?

sales 16 Jun 2018

From a modern buzzword to the most disruptive sales concept since the advent of “The Challenger Sales” methodology: Social Selling is a reality and works for many professionals around the world, not only on the sales side. When using social media started on the consumer side and Social Selling embraced in the corporate sector, it is time for Small Businesses to adopt and to lead in their niche.

Daniel Disney, one of the leading Social Selling experts in the UK, has recently been asked if this concept was just a fashion and would go away. In this video, he compared it with the wide adoption of smartphones with nearly nobody going back to feature phones like the good old Nokia & Co. No doubt, Social Selling is here to stay.

The other widely visible discussion is the question if it would replace other well-known instruments such as the phone. I see it as a complementing element in the sales repository. Similar as email never replaced the phone, Social Selling has been...

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How to Improve LinkedIn Engagement Behaviour

sales 13 Mar 2018

What is LinkedIn for you: a digital business card, just an online resume, a sales tool or even your most consumed daily newspaper? Without doubt, it is one of the best business engagement tools worldwide – if only all participants knew how to engage properly. 

According to statistics from, the active users in Australia grew 2017 by nearly 20% versus 2016 to 4.2 million (half of their registered profiles). While the active community already embraced on the journey towards social selling, surprisingly many high-level managers in the IT area don’t pay attention to “all things social”.

Connect with quality towards quantity

The success in using the platform is related to the behaviour how we use social media platforms and how others treat us. Unsolicited connection requests from unknown people – without any hint and often from abroad – offset the prospective business gains for less active professionals. It takes...

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