Do you remember your early career aspirations as a child – and what you made from it?

personal branding 01 Jul 2021

As a boy I have been fascinated by technology and wanted to become a teacher to train others spreading my enthusiasm for the always changing world.

I have been invited to talk about the career change aspect in a recent podcast episode from Career Coach Jane Jackson.

Jane is an expert in helping professionals and executives with a range of resources including her award-winning book “Navigating Career Crossroads” which I reviewed earlier this year.

In times of company redundancies, we talked about how job seekers can overcome their sudden job loss towards finding their next role.

I shared my own approach of a workforce reduction after 16 years in Switzerland which led to a one-way ticket to Sydney in the search for further education and a new role in the fascinating software industry.

Especially I learned how to create a personal brand and build a strong network offline and on social media in a new place, language, country, and continent.

I summarised the transferable...

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The Brand is Personal Again

personal branding sales 17 Sep 2018

Gone are the days when only corporations developed a brand and their representatives just used those nice slogans, shiny brochures and glossy business cards. Today all customer facing employees need to show their personal connection with the value they provide as an individual and as part of the organisation. A unique personal branding is a must to disrupt the information overflow in the age of the well-informed buyer.

How to differentiate a company brand from a personal brand? According to the Entrepreneur Small Business Encyclopedia, a company brand “creates a symbol that personifies and distinguishes a company's offerings”. That covers advertising via multi-channel marketing up to customer service. The brand needs to resonate with decision makers at potential clients. Beyond pure transactional order taking, people still do business with people in companies, not with the company. Therefore, business professionals must be visible and perceived as faces of the company.


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How To Improve Your Personal Branding To Embark Into Social Selling

personal branding sales 21 Aug 2018

Small Biz Matters – a half hour program each week where you can work ON your business rather than IN it. With Alexi Boyd from Boyd Office Management Services

Personal Branding and Social Selling are two buzzwords at the moment which are somehow connected. A unique company brand is needed to differentiate the offering and communicate with potential customers, but creating a proper personal brand is also important in a small business. Social Selling comes from the enterprise world with their large sales departments. How does that apply to small businesses?

Let’s ask an active networker and LinkedIn expert who is using social media and digital tools to sell services to small and medium customers in Australia. Gunnar Habitz is a regular to Triple H being featured already talking about his cloud services.

Welcome to the show again, Gunnar.

1. How to differentiate a company brand from a personal brand?

  • People still do business with people in companies, not with the...
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The 7 Ingredients of Personal Branding for a Remarkable Footprint

personal branding 15 Aug 2018

People like to buy from people who they know, like and trust—especially on non-transactional services. The advent of professional social media sites opened the possibility to showcase what we can do for our clients using an authentic, genuine personal brand. How can we disrupt the information overflow in the age of the well-informed buyer?

According to Los Ellis, Personal Branding is “the process of establishing a prescribed image or impression in the mind of others”. This is actually less about the individual, rather about the perception of prospects and customers.

Distilling the term further, “personal” stands for art and story of the professional while “brands” shows the packaging. As Nicolas Cole mentioned, “a long-lasting personal brand cannot exist without both parts: art and marketing, expression and distribution.”

Creating a personal brand for service professionals in smaller companies requires more detailed work and...

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