Do you remember your early career aspirations as a child – and what you made from it?

personal branding Jul 01, 2021

As a boy I have been fascinated by technology and wanted to become a teacher to train others spreading my enthusiasm for the always changing world.

I have been invited to talk about the career change aspect in a recent podcast episode from Career Coach Jane Jackson.

Jane is an expert in helping professionals and executives with a range of resources including her award-winning book “Navigating Career Crossroads” which I reviewed earlier this year.

In times of company redundancies, we talked about how job seekers can overcome their sudden job loss towards finding their next role.

I shared my own approach of a workforce reduction after 16 years in Switzerland which led to a one-way ticket to Sydney in the search for further education and a new role in the fascinating software industry.

Especially I learned how to create a personal brand and build a strong network offline and on social media in a new place, language, country, and continent.

I summarised the transferable items of my experience for others in seven steps:

  • welcome to Reality
  • take some time Off
  • check the Alternatives
  • deep Dive into yourself
  • invest in your Mastery
  • Action to get back on track
  • welcome back to the Paid world

The capitalised letters result in the keyword ROADMAP.

A journey is more about travelling while a roadmap is based on strategic planning towards a defined tomorrow.

In my current role at my dream company Hootsuite I am building successful business partnerships and teaching about social selling – and meeting my early boy aspirations as well.

Enjoy this episode on this link


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