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"Lunch & Learn" or "Hacks & Snacks" are ideal ways to learn new skills. I conduct LinkedIn and Sales Navigator trainings in various companies tailored to their needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Using LinkedIn for networking and lead generation daily, my program is called "Let LinkedIn Work For You". This session starts with the purpose and value over the LinkedIn profile elements to engaging with the desired audience.

My purpose in helping others using LinkedIn is driven by personal branding and networking, not by career options using LinkedIn. 

My in-house training program is based on the free or premium versions of LinkedIn, Especially for sales teams, I add Sales Navigator as it provides more possibilities for professional search and engagement.

Usually it takes one hour with material and Q&A, ideally over lunch or in early morning. The participants receive useful worksheets to ensure the material sticks over time.

A training is more successful with consequent follow up. I'm helping the organiser of a group by a gamification approach to improve the profiles over a four week period with a review of the individual profiles.

"Very insightful, absolutely love that idea and the way to use LinkedIn. This presentation was jamed packed with golden nuggets detailing when we act on them, we’ll accelerate our business."

Francois Alizart
Advance Coaching & Training

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