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Grow Your Network to Succeed

Episode #12 – 7 September 2020


Create Converting Content With LinkedIn

Episode #11 – 3 August 2020


Daily LinkedIn Activities to win More Business

Episode #10 – 6 July 2020


Recommended Tools for the Home Office

Episode #9 – 1 June 2020


The Magic of Social Listening

Episode #8 – 18 May 2020

Virtual Birthday Party With Book Launch

Episode #7 – 4 May 2020

Dedicated Page

Hashtags for Your Feed and Readers

Episode #6 – 20 April 2020


Practical LinkedIn Tips & Tricks

Episode #5 – 6 April 2020


How to Support Your Tribe Online

Episode #4 – 23 March 2020


Networking From Offline to Online & back

Episode #3 – 9 March 2020


How Content Creates Conversations

Episode #2 – 24 February 2020


Activate Your LinkedIn Power to Succeed

Episode #1 – 10 February 2020


Here you can find my 33-point LinkedIn Profile Refresh Questions.

Please let me know how I can help you with LinkedIn and Social Selling.

G'day, I'm Gunnar

A short introduction to let you know who is organising these webinars. Working in the software-as-a-service business, I constantly use Social Selling to win relationships with consistency.

Applying these techniques, I help business professionals to unlock their potential by improving their personal brand, understanding the effectiveness of proper networking and adding Social Selling to their business growth strategies.

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"I highly recommend his online course to those who decide to use the platform to grow their business and build global network connections. Gunnar has in depth knowledge when comes to this world’s most extensive professional network."

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