Accidental Manager from Technical Specialist to Manager & Leader

leadership Mar 23, 2018

Technical specialists are undoubtedly the essential cogs and gears of any successful organisation. From accountants to IT experts to data analysts, these skilled professionals earn promotions through years of dedication and proven results.

Often with little experience and training in management and leadership, these managers struggle with moving from daily technical tasks to long-term strategy. On the flip side, professional specialists looking to be promoted to managers are often disregarded by senior leaders who overlook their leadership potential.

The Institute of Managers and Leaders’ Masterclass explored the transition between staff member and manager, equipping the participants with the skills to take the next step in your career.

I enjoyed contributing to the panel session of this sold out Masterclass event about my leadership journey together with other experts in their fields. My highlights of this Masterclass:

  • Vannessa McCamley presented the Neuroscience of Leadership from brain basics to gaining relevant insights
  • Jamie Getgood described his example journey from HR Officer in retail to the last HR Manager at Holden and provided the transferable learning from that difficult period of the proud Australian automotive heritage
  • Duncan Fish captured the Aikido of Influence and how to master the pull style

More event details of this Masterclass here.


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