How should leaders overcome their gap in using social media to support their personal brand?

leadership Jan 28, 2021

Social Selling expert and leadership consultant Richard Bliss invited me to his new podcast series “Digital-First Leadership”.

We covered the involvement of senior #management and the importance of #leadership in today's digital world. Leaders need to constantly transform themselves, especially when it comes to #linkedin and #socialmedia.

While many professionals at the top are already social media savvy, the majority still struggles in finding their voice and prefer to outsource it to the PR teams.

Many companies that still believe an employee's online social presence should be separate from the company activities. And in reality, that's just not the way the world works today.

Those leaders don’t recognise that they have a great instrument in their hand if they only knew about it: employee advocacy. So many people do a great job day in day out with visible passion, in particular in these uncertain times.

And that is where leaders should encourage by leading from the helm. It is not about running social media by PR following strict rules. It is more about sharing day-to-day stories and humanise the brand.

Listen to the full episode how to achieve that.


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